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Added Aug 28, 2016

"Just received my first order and I'm so impressed. Every item is in excellent condition and fits as expected and my son likes it all. I will definitely be ordering again soon! "

- Jonnie Hartling 

Added Jul 4, 2016

"What a great idea to have an online consignment store for children's clothing. With 4 children of my own I LOVE the great prices and quality that FlipSize offers!! I always look forward to seeing what you have new in stock. I will be recommending you to my friends and family!!"

- Brandie Cristales (Little Sponges Childcare)

Added Jun 26, 2016

"I am so pleased with my first order from FlipSize!  I got fantastic deals and everything was in perfect condition and as advertised! I will most definitely be back ordering more, time and time again! Even pick up was incredibly easy!"

- Jessica 

Added Mar 31, 2016

"Received everything in good time. Pleasantly surprised at the condition of many of the pieces. I will be browsing in future! Great value." 

- Nazma 

Added Mar 12, 2016

"I ordered 10 items, everything arrived beautifully folded and exactly as pictured online. The quality was great and it was a super easy service to use. I'll be placing another order soon!"

- Rebecca Armstrong 

Added Feb 11, 2016

"I have just received my first order from flipsize. First at all price are good (for around 20$ I bought 2 rain pants, 1 coat and 6 shirt). Also, they refund me 2 shirts just because they are not perfect. Furthermore, order has come very quickly. So I am very satisfy and I would order again for sure. Thanks!"

- Aline Ruet 

Added Feb 7, 2016

"Just receive my first order. Everything was perfect. I got 33 pieces for $95.60 for my newborn baby girl and my two sons. I am very happy with my purchases and I will order again very soon. 

Highly recommend! Thanks!!!"

- Marie-Soleil 

Added Feb 3, 2016

"I was so impressed with my first experience using Flipsize. I saw on their FB page that they were offering a 50% off coupon, so I thought I can't go wrong with a deal like that. I found some great stuff, all nice brands like GAP, Mexx & ZARA etc. I got 9 items for $12.50. Also, I just paid cash upon pick-up which was super easy as the pick-up location happened to be right down the street from my house! Will definitely purchase from Flipsize again and highly recommend!"

- Kristi B 

Added Jan 18, 2016

"I bought 16 items for $47.50. All were in excellent condition and I was able to pick up at a location very close to my house only a few days after I ordered. Will be buying more in the future!" 

- Lisa 

Added Jul 28, 2015

"At the moment I am just a buyer. As a mum with a low income it is hard to keep up with my son as he outgrows clothing. Trying to balance what we can afford to meet his needs is not always easy, I even use his old too short clothing as pajamas for a time to save money there. I have no second hand clothes shops near me and had no idea there was such a thing as Flipsize online until I started yet another search for some cheaper alternative. Just received my first order and my son and I are very happy. The clothing is in great condition, was very affordable and was shipped quickly. He was so happy he is currently wearing an odd mix of a new top and new pj bottoms lol. Thanks for giving me another option that he and I are both happy with."

- Natasha Moore 

Added Mar 13, 2015

"I received my latest order this week. I got outfits for all three of my little ones and once again I am very happy with everything! This is such a great way to find lovely clothing at a price that can't be beat. Thank you! "

- Laura S 

Added Dec 29, 2014

"Absolutely loooove this site! Ordered from here a couple of times now and the clothes are in excellent condition, not to mention, you wouldn't get nearly the amount of clothes for the same price anywhere else :) "

- Hayley Roberts 

Added Jul 26, 2014

"Love this site! Cute clothes, great prices and even better customer service! I recommend to friends and moms on a regular basis."

- Naomi 

Added Jul 26, 2014

"I have ordered from FlipSize several times now and been very pleased with each order. You can't beat the prices and the clothes are in great condition. This is a wonderful way to shop!"

- Laura Shumard 

Added Jul 26, 2014

"I absolutely love FlipSize! I've ordered twice now and have been more than happy. Everything came as pictured and was shipped quickly!! Great prices too! I would definitely recommend FlipSize to all my friends."

- Kayla 

Added Jul 26, 2014

"Wow is all I have to say, FlipSize is the best online clothing website I've ever seen . I've flipped many times and plenty of rewards rewarded I also recommend it to anyone looking for clothing for their little ones. FlipSize you Rock!"

- Seham 

Added May 29, 2014

"I have both flipped and purchased my daughter's clothes on this site and I couldn't be happier with my experience. When flipping her clothes the points I received were more than fair. All of the items I purchased were in excellent condition. I look forward to using this site again in the future."

- MacKenzie 

Added Apr 7, 2014

"I am soo pleased with this website! Living in a rural community, (with only one thrift store an hour away ) really makes an old passion (thrifting) way more convenient!! Brilliant idea :) and fast shipping! Thanks again!! :) "

- Stephanie 

Added Feb 24, 2014

"I purchased a beautiful pink dress for my niece from Flipsize. She just loved it!!"

- Jennifer 

Added Feb 15, 2014

"I loved my first experience with FlipSize! The 10 items I ordered totaled only $30. Everything was in beautiful condition and 1 shirt was brand new with the tags still on. My favourite item was a beautiful black and while floral dress I got for my 5 year old. She looks absolutely adorable in it and it only cost $4! Shopping online with FlipSize was so much easier and much less stressful than scouring rack upon rack at our local thrift stores. I'll be shopping with FlipSize again for sure! "

- Jennifer Saarinen  (Homeschooling Mom 4 Two)

Added Feb 13, 2014

"I received my first order today and love everything! It is so easy to find great bargains on beautiful clothing without dragging the little ones around. This was the first of many orders I'm sure. :)"

- Laura Shumard 

Added Aug 21, 2013

"Good service, quick turn-around, easy to do, however I was awarded XX95 points, 5 points shy of the next ($5) reward level - that's a bit disappointing. Because of that, I don't think I will use FlipSize again. "

- J. Bay 

FlipSize: We are sorry you are disappointed with being short of your next reward value. Please note that PayPal Cashout and using points for clothes can be redeemed at any value. We would be happy to assist you if needed. 

Added Aug 8, 2013

"I recently purchased all my school clothes for both my children and the total was under $100. How can you beat that? The customer service was amongst the highest that I have ever come across and I will definitely be shopping there in the future and spread the word amongst my friends! "

- Lorene 

Added Apr 18, 2013

"With four children to outfit, I love finding deals on clothing! I have ordered from here twice already and will definitely keep coming back! My order was processed, shipped and received quickly and the clothing was in excellent condition! I have recommended this site to all the parents I know who enjoy finding deals as much as I do! Thank you for providing this service."

- Robin 

Added Apr 18, 2013

"I just made a substantial purchase and did local pick up from this site. I am totally impressed by the outstanding quality of the clothing and how fast my order was ready! I will be using this site from now on without fail! I can't believe how easy it was, and am blown away at how nice all the clothing is!"

- Mara