FlipSize Loyalty Program

When you sell your gently-used kids clothing to FlipSize using the process described here, you receive points in your FlipSize account. There are a few things you can do with those points. Our brand new FlipSize Loyalty Program rewards you for using your points to pay for orders within our store. When you use your points to pay for an order on www.flipsize.ca we will add reward points to your account to say thank-you for your loyalty. The number of points awarded are detailed below. 

400-799 points spent on an order100 points added to your account
800-1200 points spent on an order150 points added to your account
1200+ points spent on an order200 points added to your account

If you haven't sold clothes to us before and are a local customer (we have 3 drop off locations in the lower mainland) please email us for more information.

How many points do you have in your account? Log in and click on my account to find out.